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This part of the Pendraken Miniatures World War II Model Gallery is given over to tips and hints for converting or adding detail to your models.

I hope to continually add to this area and also invite you to submit and share your hints, tips or ideas with fellow 10mm wargamers and collectors.

Thanks for your help.



US M10

US M10 3inch gun conversionCurrently There's no US version of the M10 in the Pendraken range, the version available is the British M10 with 17pdr. The main visual difference between the two is the barrel - the US 3'' gun didn't have a muzzle brake where as the 17pdr did.

This is a simple conversion – use a needle file to file down the muzzle brake so the barrel is smooth along it's length. You can then use it as the US M10 version.


You can apply this to any vehicle and is a great way to add individuality to your forces. You can raid your spares box for bits to add or use milliput (I use the white version, it's available from most hobby stores) to sculpt on the baggage. You'll need a blade and needle files to help model the shapes you need and a pin, or similar, to add detail. It'll take time and practise to get things right but it's well worth the effort.
Using this method you can add boxes, ammo crates, packs, jerry cans, spare tracks, spare wheels, etc, etc.

To get inspiration and reference for this just refer to any pictoral image of WW2 tanks and vehicles - you'll soon get the idea of what was standard issue and what the crews felt was needed!

PS: I did a vehicle detailling set for Pendraken some years back, that includes many of the items listed above. You would have to contact Dave at Pendraken Miniatures to see if this is still available.


Similar to the addition of baggage to a vehicle, foliage can be added using milliput and detailled using a pin or cocktail stick. The technique is to push a blob of mixed Milliput onto the model, then spread it over the area you want covered. Once in place use the pin and prod into the milliput creating a texture. Again this will take practise but once painted up will add to your models look.

PAK40Another way to do this is use blobs of superglue over the area you want camoflaged and then sprinkle Woodland Scenics Foliage (available on their website or from hobby stores) over the wet glue. Shake off the excess and once the glue is set use a dry brush paint technique to add highlights and depth to the camoflage effect.

I have used this technique on the barrel of a German PAK 40 shown above. It also looks great when applied to the gun barrels of German tanks.




If you have any modelling tips for 10mm scale vehicles and would like to share them - please send them into me by clicking

We will feature your idea here and give you an acknowledgement.

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